Earth is the place we all call home.

It’s time to come together, overcome division and create a world where all life can thrive.

We build communities focused in philosophy, philanthropy, technology and exploration.

Person wearing casual sneakers outdoor
A platform for people to connect by walking for peace. Creating more peace in the world, one step at a time.
Balance stone on pile rock with garden background
A community encouraging contemplative practices of meditation, mindfulness, prayer and respectful discussion on life's deepest questions.
Colorful Sustainable Development Wheel over the earth on black background for Corporate social responsibility project. Concept to achieve Sustainable Development for a better world. 3D illustration
A community for people who want to achieve the Global Goals.
Burning candle in the light bulb with bulb isolated on black bac
Multimedia production and technology consulting to help people discover and start creating their vision for doing good work in the world.

Our Focus Areas

We build and serve communities through initiatives in philosophy, philanthropy, technology and exploration.

Philosophy means the love of wisdom. We believe wisdom is the foundation for living a life of compassion, understanding, kindness, generosity and happiness. Learn about our work to elevate wisdom in the world.
A group of happy people at sunset on the nature
Philanthropy means the love of humanity. We believe in expressing love for humanity through acts of compassion focused on meeting basic needs and empowering people to make a positive difference in the world. Learn about our work to inspire compassion.
Exploration means venturing beyond what is known and comfortable in order to discover and learn about each other, the planet and the cosmos. We travel to support our humanitarian and environmental cause partners and share stories with the world.
Businessman holding in hands with 3D graphic model of globe for
Technology is the tools that empower us to improve our quality of life and help us achieve positive goals. We provide free technology and communication services to humanitarian and environmental causes to help them transform lives for the better.